Report: Huawei secured second position in Q1 2020, Global smartphone shipments decline 17%

The global smartphone market has declined 17% yearly in the first quarter of 2020. Reaching roughly 275 million total smartphone shipments worldwide, shows smartphone market researcher – Strategy Analytics.

Among smartphone makers, Huawei stays on the second spot by shipping 48.5 million smartphones with 17.6% of market share compared to the 59.1 million sales + 17.9% share during the same quarter last year. Huawei’s total market growth declined by 18%.

Samsung stays on top with 58.3 million shipments, 21.2% market share, and a decline of 19% over the year. Apple also sees a decline of 9% accounting for 39.2 million smartphone unit shipments during the Q1.

“Despite US-China trade wars and the Covid-19 virus scare, Huawei was able to maintain its global smartphone share at a respectable 18 percent during the quarter. China remains Huawei’s core region and most of its sales take place there.” Wrote SA.

report earlier by SA, also shows that Huawei shipped Huawei has shipped a total of 8.0 million 5G smartphone units with a 33.2% market share closest to Samsung in the first place.








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