Huawei released September 2020 Security patch details

Huawei launched EMUI 11 on 10 September at Huawei Development Conference 2020. This new version of EMUI 11 features changes in user interface and more.

Alongside this, Huawei also released the EMUI security update and patch details of September 2020. The update will rollout soon for Huawei and Honor devices.

The September 2020 security patch fixes different levels of exploits and issues including:

  • 3 Critical CVEs
  • 19 High-level CVEs

These new patches with fixes will soon rollout and reach your device through EMUI/Magic UI software updates.

Security patch details:

Critical: CVE-2020-0245, CVE-2020-0396, CVE-2020-0380

High: CVE-2020-0074, CVE-2020-0382, CVE-2020-0388, CVE-2020-0389, CVE-2020-0391, CVE-2020-0395, CVE-2020-0397, CVE-2020-0399, CVE-2020-0401, CVE-2020-0393, CVE-2020-0386, CVE-2020-0394, CVE-2020-0390, CVE-2020-0381, CVE-2020-0383, CVE-2020-0384, CVE- 2020-0385, CVE-2020-0392, CVE-2020-0379

Middle: None

Low: None

Included in the previous announcement: CVE-2020-0251, CVE-2020-0252, CVE-2020-0253, CVE-2020-0254, CVE-2020-0260, CVE-2020-0069, CVE-2019-14000



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