Huawei Petal Maps security update brings navigation improvements

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Huawei has started to roll out a new (002) update for Petal Maps. The latest Petal Maps (002) update brings improvements for a bunch of features including virtual navigation, voice search as well as offline maps.

If you want to download the latest Petal Maps update, we recommend you to jump on the AppGallery and download it. However, you can also get this update right from our Petal Maps download page (link).

Do keep in mind that this update is rolling out gradually in different countries and it’s possible that the company may send a different version for your device.

Petal Maps:

Petal Maps is developed by Huawei and enables navigation services for Huawei smartphone users. This service is currently available in over 140 countries around the globe and day by day, the Chinese tech maker continues to improve it with a variety of different features as well as additions.

The mobile app lets you search for your current location, browse the map, search for places, and add your favorites, as well as display real-time traffic conditions, events, and loads more.



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