Huawei has new patent to boost fingerprint identification efficiency

Huawei filed a patent application in China in June 2020 for a  “fingerprint identification method and its electronic gadget” in China. Now, on December 17, Huawei has got the approval of this fingerprint identification patent and announced it with publication number CN113807141A.

The patents are to improve the efficiency of device fingerprint identification by collecting optical fingerprints. The patent process includes obtaining the capacitance value information of the hand of the user’s finger to be used for fingerprint recognition on the device.

It is collected by the capacitance sensor of the device. Whereas, the ability information includes at least one fingerprint image of the finger potential and the mouth potential image of the hand, in which the finger is identified based on the acquired potential information.

Patent Description:

The application’s fingerprint recognition method can collect the capacitance information of the user’s fingers and the hand in which the fingers are through the capacitive sensor. It can collect the optical fingerprint image of the user’s finger via the optical fingerprint sensor.

Then, it combines the capacitance information with the optical fingerprint images to perform fingerprint recognition and authentication, thereby improving the efficiency of terminal fingerprint recognition.

Previous patents:

Back in August, this patent – “a touch method and electronic device based on twisted fingerprint” of Huawei released with the publication number CN113204308A has been applied back on 31st January 2020.

So far, Huawei owns a handy of patents for different use cases that include fingerprint anti-counterfeiting technology to reduce fack fingerprint attempts, and fingerprint recovery technology uses the fingerprint count.

(Source: ithome)

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