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Huawei’s upcoming MateBook colud feature air gestures

On December 23, Huawei will hold a fresh launch conference at which the business will unveil a range of new products. The company will also reveal a new Huawei MateBook laptop with ultrasonic air gestures support in terms of new technology.

On the other hand, the Chinese tech giant has included smart features such as cross-device connection and smart control. Additionally, the MateBook also brings support for ultrasonic remote control at the upcoming event, this will be the first of its kind notebook in the industry.

In the consumer electronics field, ultrasonic technology was primarily employed to realize human-computer interaction. This time Huawei’s application of ultrasonic control on laptop computers is speculated to bring a brand-new mouse-free interactive experience.

A Related Patent:

A previous patent application of Huawei shows that it provides a non-contact gestures control method and electronic equipment. The method is applied to an electronic device, and the electronic device includes at least one speaker and at least one microphone.

The method includes: Displaying the target application, the target application being an application supporting non-contact gesture recognition. Activating at least one speaker to emit an autocorrelated ultrasonic signal.

Activating at least one microphone to collect the reflected signal after the ultrasonic signal encounters the non-contact gesture: According to the target application and the reflected signal, control the target application to respond to non-contact gestures.

Therefore, the electronic device can accurately realize the human-computer interaction of non-contact gestures in the target application, without considering the constraints of the surrounding environment, such as light, device cost, and device material, which improves the user’s experience of using the electronic device and target application, and reduces the cost of the electronic device controlling the target application to respond to non-contact gestures.

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