Huawei gets approval for two communication technologies for vehicles

On November 3, Huawei has received approval for the two-communication technologies and both of these can be used in the fields of Internet of Vehicles, autonomous driving, and more. These patents were published in China.

The Huawei patent was published with announcement number CN113746606A the first patent that provides a vehicles communication method and device for V2X, intelligent networked vehicles, intelligent driving, assisted driving, and other fields. It can solve the current technical problem of the lack of SL TCI logo indication.

While the patent with CN113747577A provides a communication method and device that can be applied to D2D or Internet of Vehicles, such as V2X, LTE-V, and more. Additionally, it can be used in fields such as smart driving and smart connected vehicles.  This patent facilitates device equipment to exclude resources that have been reserved by other device equipment as much as possible to reduce transmission interference.

On the same day – November 3, Huawei also published a patent in the field of automobile technology entitled with detecting automatic driving systems with announcement number CN113741374.

The patent technology can also detect the failure reason of the automatic driving system, and use the detected automatic driving system to control the driving of the vehicle. The technical solution proposed in this application helps to improve the overall safety of the vehicle.

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