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Huawei MatePad Paper, Amazon Kindle rival launching soon

Huawei’s upcoming MatePad Paper AKA Huawei e-reader tablet has recently passed China’s compulsory 3C certificate with code name HMW-W09. Just a week ago, it was reported that the company will host a new product conference in December. So, this Huawei tablet could also mark its presence there as a rival of Amazon Kindle.

The 3C certificate of the Huawei large screen device reveals that it brings support for 10V/2.25A fast charging and is manufactured by Huizhou Guanghong Technology Co.Ltd. It’s expected that this new Huawei MatePad Paper tablet is likely to compete against the market leaders such as Amazon Kindle and packs with ink-screen technology.

Huawei ink screen tablet 3c

Previous information suggests that this futuristic MatePad Paper tablet may also be called Huawei e-reader or MatePad paper. More interesting, it will come factory-packed with HarmonyOS support.

In early November, Huawei started recruiting test personnel for one of its futuristic technology, the ink screen also known as Huawei e-reader technology. During the testing, the Chinese firm welcomes the user’s suggestions and feedbacks. Users are free to share if they feel any kind of improvement in the product.

Ink Screen technology:

According to the reports, Ink Screen technology will be a new method that revolutionizes information display. It will be a screen closer to paper materials and still, it would be easier on the eyes or we can say eye-friendly. This means that buyers won’t have to worry about any stroboscopic effect nor do they have to worry about glare.

Huawei MatePad Paper Amazon Kindle


The ink screen is more eye-protecting in daily use, and it has the advantage of saving electricity, which is suitable for long-term use in the office.


Back in August, the Chinese tech maker – Huawei applied for several trademark names including Mate Paper. Since then, there was no info related to these products but now seems like the company has already started the manufacturing process, and the products will release soon.


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