Huawei gets AR/VR Scene Map patent for headset display devices

On November 19, Huawei has published a new patent entitled “AR/VR Scene Map obtaining method” with announcement number CN110855601B in China. According to the information, the company applied for this patent back in August 2018.

AR/VR Scene Map:

The AR /AVR Scene Map provides an easy preview of place, views, and interaction with web-hosted 3D models in their environment as well as deliver experiences to real-world coordinated.

Patent Summary:

According to the patent, this AR/VR Scene Map application method provides a method and device for acquiring a scene map of a head-mounted display device. This method includes:

  • Obtaining at least one candidate scene map, each map including at least one keyframe and performing the first image frame and the second image frame with the keyframe respectively.
  • Determine the target keyframe corresponding to each image frame when all target keyframes belong to the same candidate scene map.
  • Determine the candidate scene map as the current scene map corresponding to the current scene; load the current scene map.

Huawei VR Scene Map

Huawei VR Glass 6DoF Game Set:

On the other hand, Huawei has recently released various new products including the new Huawei VR Glass 6DoF game set. This set consists of a VR headset, 6DoF vision modules, controllers, and a mobile phone cooling back clip.

The new Huawei VR Glass 6DoF comes with joysticks and multiple function keys, grip keys, and a trigger for camera movements. The features include the joystick could also help you to take screenshots and record screens with key combinations.

The latest Huawei VR Glass set is priced at 3999 yuan (626 USD). However, consumers also have the option to purchase a headset-only version at 1999 yuan (313 USD).

Previous Information:

Last week, Huawei has filed a new patent named “Dual Mode Headset” with a public number of CN111133364B. The patent description reveals that this technology works under the dual-mode architecture of VR and AR headsets including a head mount, the mainframe, and a pivot frame.


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