Get the new Huawei Recorder app

Huawei has various apps that could lead you towards what you want, some of these apps come pre-installed with your smartphone similar to Huawei Recorder. The app is there and it allows you to record audio and save them.

Aside from downloading the Recorder app update from AppGallery, you can get this app also from the link given below.

Get Huawei Recorder app:

Huawei Recorder

Recorder: Latest Changes

  • Solve the problem of recording interruption and optimize the visual representation of the recording state.
  • Added a shortcut operation feature of sliding left on the list interface.
  • The recording voiceprint waveform diagram replaces living shape, which is more professional, and the recording file can be edited.
  • The overall style is visually revised, and the new design style is adopted, which is more concise and easy to use.
  • Separate classification display of call recording


The Recorder app enables you tools to record new audio files, play an existing recorded file, edit it or share your recordings to another device using Huawei Share, Bluetooth, and more. If the recording has been converted into text, you can also share the text.

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