Huawei can bring the Voice Message Preview system, check more details

Today, Huawei gets the approval for the voice message preview patent technology that was applied back one and half years ago in 2020. The company announced this technology with the announcement number CN113220258A in China.

As per the information, this patent is entitled “a voice message preview method and electronic equipment” related to the message preview field. This technology not only shows the message preview but classified them in text and voice messages also.

  • First, the application in the device receives the voice message from the second application
  • Then the message is displayed on the screen of the electronic device
  • If the message from the second application is an important voice message, then it previews on the important interface.
  • If the message isn’t important, it is stored in a non-important interface, and previews likewise

Huawei Voice Message preview patent

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It can be observed that it needed the sending application, a receiving application, and the display screen. Moving further, the whole operation can be done with the help of various message forms that includes-

  1. After the voice message is converted into a text message
  2. The voice message and the text message
  3. The voice message conversion mark

The voice message conversation mark and text message are represented together in the first application while the second application works with instantaneous messaging or mail application. Besides, this voice message preview patent technology of Huawei assures to keeps a friendly balance between message preview and message classification during the operation.

(Source- Ithome)

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