Huawei’s 100W fast mobile charger gets certified, but why now?

Huawei’s new incoming super-fast charger has recently got certified with 3C (China Compulsory Certificate), reveals a Weibo tipster. This new charging adapter supports a 20V x 5A output which accounts for 100W.

While any other design-related information hasn’t been made available at the moment despite its existence. This certification only confirms that Huawei will soon be introducing us with a new super-fast charger.

Huawei 100W charger 3C

But the question arises, which of the Huawei smartphone can handle this hefty charging support. As for now, there isn’t any device we can think of in Huawei’s smartphone lineup that supports a 100W.

The newly launched Huawei P50 phones just support a 66W fast charging, which isn’t even close to 100W. Maybe Huawei is looking for some third-party business as most of the devices from other brands do support higher Watt fast charging.

It’s also possible that Huawei may use it as an additional accessory and possibly it’ll come inside the box of upcoming Huawei devices.

Currently, we haven’t received any further details about this upcoming super-fast charger from Huawei and we will let you know if something new pop-up on this section.

Huawei Charger

Huawei’s 66W GaN charger already launched:

Huawei introduced a 66W fast charger last year, which was launched 9 months ago but somehow the company didn’t sell it till recently and opened its pre-booking.

Besides the 100W, this charger is perfectly suitable for Huawei flagship devices, as most of them already support 66W charging.

To be mentioned the 66W Multi-port GaN super-fast charger that can simultaneously charge more than one device. It features 3 ports that consist of 2 USB-A ports, while the third one is USB Type-C.

It is perfectly suitable for most Huawei smartphones. And it is also compatible with other devices such as tablets, laptops, Bluetooth headsets, and more. You can check its further details here.

(Source – Weibo)

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