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Samsung plans to sell more than 1 million Galaxy Book Pro this year

Following smart phones and TVs, Samsung has begun to use OLED screens in notebook computers. Last month, the company launched Galaxy Book Pro 360 and Galaxy Book Pro notebooks equipped with OLED panels.

According to the latest information, Samsung plans to deliver 1 million Galaxy Book Pro series TVs in 2021 because it has launched various models in this market.

In addition, sources familiar with the matter revealed that the demand and manufacturing price of Galaxy Book notebook computers may increase in the near future, but Samsung plans to sell 1 million OLED screen notebook computers this year because it is difficult to meet market demand.

South Korean media also pointed out that Samsung will obtain enough OLED screens from Samsung Display to complete its shipment target. Although it is said that the Display subsidiary hopes to produce 2 million OLEDs for portable PCs, it may only produce 1.5 million.

A Samsung official said: “Samsung Electronics can sell 1 million units.” Although the reason behind this is that the notebook computer market itself has grown, and the demand for high-end products is increasing.

On the other hand, Trend Force predicts that this year’s notebook computer shipments will increase by 10% year-on-year to 220 million units. Last year, global notebook computer shipments were 200 million units, an increase of 23% over the previous year.

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