Call of Duty mobile devices have been downloaded more than 500 million times on iOS and Android devices

As “Call of Duty Mobile” continues its second year of action, “Tokyo Escape”, which is the third season of 2021, the game marks an important milestone worth celebrating. Now, “Call of Duty Mobile” has officially more than 500 million downloads on iOS and Android devices worldwide.

Since then, less than two years after the first launch of the smartphone, the authoritative “free Call of Duty” experience on the mobile terminal-integrating the maps, characters, modes and weapons that fans love from the games of the past two decades , Formed the exciting “Battle Royale” and “The highly competitive multiplayer experience can be appreciated to millions of players at any time.

Claim your 10 free radio crates now
As part of our thank you, we thank you for participating in downloading Call of Duty: Mobile and as part of hundreds of millions of games being played, the Call of Duty: Mobile team will send you 10 free radio current crates Go to your in-game mailbox!

The `Wireless Current Crate” was launched at the end of 2020 and includes wireless current uniforms that look like bad guys for Ghost and Special Operations 1 soldiers, and wireless current camouflage for AK-47 assault rifles and Locus sniper rifles. Already own these items? Then, all the duplicates you get can be converted into “credits,” which can be used to purchase specific items in the store, such as weapons and soldiers.

To receive these crates, simply log in to your Call of Duty: Mobile account, access your in-game mailbox, and declare them via the developer’s own message.

This milestone can only be achieved through the game’s incredible global community, so on behalf of game developers, we thank you for downloading and playing Call of Duty Mobile.

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