Samsung Internet 14.0 Beta is now available with improved privacy, security, and more: Download on the Google Play Store or Galaxy Store

Samsung today released Samsung Internet 14.0 beta, which comes with the improved privacy and security settings, a revamped viewing experience on Galaxy foldable devices, and new UI innovations.

Following the beta testing period, Samsung Internet 14.0 will officially launch in April. If you are already a Samsung Internet user, you will receive a notification when the new version becomes available.


“Samsung is constantly looking for ways to enhance the security of its services and protect users’ privacy,” says Du Kim, VP, and Head of Web R&D Group, Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics. “With Samsung Internet 14.0 beta, we want users to enjoy browsing with peace of mind, knowing they’ll have full control and visibility over their data.”

New and Improved Privacy Features

The beta version of Samsung Internet 14.0 helps keep you protected while browsing with enhanced Smart Anti Tracking, which detects when a website is trying to track you and automatically stops them.

For easy monitor and control of your privacy settings and view useful daily stats, such as how many pop-ups and trackers have been blocked, Samsung introduces a new Security control panel to the Samsung Internet 14.0 Beta.


Automatic Flex mode on Galaxy Foldable Devices

With Samsung Internet 14.0, Flex mode will be enabled automatically when playing a video on full screen. You no longer have to go through the Video Assistant to switch it on.

Flex mode lets you watch a video on the top half of the screen while the video controls are displayed on the lower half for a more comfortable viewing experience.



The beta version 14.0 enables the App Pair feature to launch multiple Samsung Internet browsers simultaneously, allowing you to view web content in a split-screen format. It means you can watch a tutorial while reading a recipe or easily compare prices when shopping online.


Apply your Favorite Font

With Samsung Internet 14.0 beta, you can customize your online browsing experience by applying your favorite font.


‘S Pen to text’ on Galaxy Tab S7 series:

Using your S Pen, you can now write directly into text box areas, including address bars, and your handwriting will be transformed into text.

This feature is now available on the Galaxy Tab S7 series with One UI 3.1. Users can enable the S Pen to text feature either by going to Settings > Advanced features > S Pen > S Pen to text, or to Settings > General management > Samsung Keyboard settings > S Pen to text. The ‘S Pen to text’ feature supports all languages supported by Samsung Keyboard.


Reader Mode:

Use the improved Reader Mode to automatically reorganize, text-heavy pages into a more digestible and easy-to-read format.


Translation Extension:

Powered by Samsung Research’s translation engine, this browser extension supports 18 languages,5 allowing you to easily view translations as you browse the web.

Supported languages include English, Korean, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Indonesian, and Turkish.

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