ColorOS 11 Update News: Oppo Reno 10x Zoom gets official Android 11-based ColorOS 11, Reno2 also gets ColorOS 11 beta

Oppo is rolling out the official version of Android 11-based ColorOS 11 for the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom. In addition, the company also started ColorOS 11 beta program for the Oppo Reno2. Check the complete details below.


Oppo Reno 10x Zoom:

Phone model: Reno10x Zoom

Area: India, Indonesia

Detectable Version: C.33/C.34

Target Version: F.40


The Official Version is released, you can get it by the following steps:
1) Click [Settings] – [Software Updates]
2) Click [Settings] – [Official Version Application] -tick[I agree]-Apply now
3) Click to check new version-Download-Install
4) Upgrade success


Oppo Reno2:

Phone model: Reno2 (information about other models please follow the Community notice)

Time: Apply from 9th Mar.

Released Country: India, Malaysia

When you will get the version: The company will review your application in a week, after the application success, you will receive the update later


【How to Apply for ColorOS 11 beta】

1. Confirm your phone has updated to the version (Detectable Version): C.45
2. Click ‘Settings’>> ‘Software Update’>> Click the settings icon on the screen>> Apply for Beta Version>>Update Beta Version. And then follow the guide to apply.(If the application quota is full, please wait for the next roundοΌ‰


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