RedmiBook Pro will be the first laptop to equip Xiaomi Smart AI assistant

Xiaomi will discover the RedmiBook Pro laptop in China today along with the Redmi K40 series. At the same time, before the release, we have heard some news and leaks about the new laptop.

Previously, the company has confirmed that the laptop will provide a Thunderbolt 4 interface compatible with the USB4 interface. In addition, we also conducted earlier research on the notebook computer, it can be determined that it does not have a dedicated numeric keyboard.

At the same time, according to the new report, XiaoAI assistant will arrive on RedmiBook Pro for the first time. In detail, Xiaomi laptops recently shared a poster to warm up the device, with the title showing that Xiao Ai will make its debut on RedmiBook Pro.

In the past, XiaoAI appeared on smartphones, smart TVs, smartwatches, and smart speakers. Moreover, this is the first time the company’s Smart AI Assistant has entered a Windows machine.

Besides, the company in a poster has teased that the assistant will support voice commands to make our life easier. The image further shows a weather widget displaying the condition of the day.

In the previous reports, the upcoming RedmiBook Pro will be equipped with a full-size keyboard that supports backlighting. It will adopt new technologies, and the technologies to be improved are not yet clear.

Moreover, some recent posters of the company also revealed that RedmiBook Pro will have a metal body and be equipped with a webcam on its front.

Coming to the specifications, RedmiBook Pro will use the high-performance mobile version of Intel’s 11th-generation Core processor H35 processor, with a 2K screen.

In addition, it will be equipped with NVMe solid-state hard drives and Type-C interfaces. It will support PD protocol charging, fingerprint unlocking, keyboard backlighting, etc.

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