Telegram is adding new features to make joining group chats even easier

Earlier, Telegram released this update, allowing users to import their chat history from other messaging apps, including WhatsApp.

Moreover, this update also brings improvements to enhance the user experience while using Telegram. Now you can greet users with one click by sending the desired tags, reporting false groups or channels, etc.

According to the latest information, Telegram is releasing a new beta version for Android, which will preview many new changes before releasing the stable version. In Telegram Beta 7.5, we received QR code group invitations, set the invitation link time and user limits, automatically delete timers for public groups, and widget support.

Invite by OR code and custom invite link

Currently, group invitations are only possible through the invitation link. With Telegram 7.5 update, group owners can now generate a QR code to allow users to join the group by scanning the code. Group owners also have the ability to set an expiration date on the invitation link.

The time limit on QR code and invitation links were first previewed in the macOS client last week and are now also available to Android users.

Widget support for Android

Telegram 7.5 Beta finally adds widget support for Android, allowing users to add a widget to quickly access their favorite chats and channel. There are two types of widgets they are list and folder.

Auto-delete timer for Telegram group admins

The latest beta now allows the group admin to set an auto-delete timer for messages posted in the public admin. You can enable it by clearing the history from the three-dot menu in the right corner of the chat. The timer can be set to 24 hours or 7 days. However, it is also a good idea to allow all group members to set this timer for their messages, as they do for the Signal.

Broadcast group

The main feature of this release is the group invites and group QR codes. This update allows the group admins to convert a standard group to a broadcast group. Broadcast groups do not have a maximum number of users, with a maximum of 200K members compared to regular groups. Note that only admins are allowed to post messages in broadcast groups and cannot switch to the general group.


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