Call of Duty Mobile will add a new suspicious weapon in the coming next season

Call of Duty – Black Ops Cold War and Warzone is ready to release the latest Season 2. The second season of the Cold War of Black Ops ravaging on the Cold War and the war zone, providing incredible free content, including a brand new zombie experience, six weapons, four new maps and more.

The upcoming update will provide new fixes and improvements for Zombie, League and MP Express, as well as adding a new quality of life UI to the standard of living.

At the same time, Call of Duty-Mobile announced that it will bring the latest weapons in the next update. In addition, they can unlock the COD Mobile Battle Pass to obtain David Mason – Enforcer.

Furthermore, the developer has released a new legendary weapon SKS to complete the BR Buff Seasonal Challenges obtained in COD Mobile.

In addition, “Call of Duty” will start receiving the second season patch of the “Black Ops” Cold War on February 23, and “Battlefield” will receive an update on February 24.

As the new season begins, these updates will include quality improvements and bug fixes for the current Black Ops Cold War and Warzone games.

For more information about the content of these updates, please refer to the “Black Ops Cold War” patch notes in Treyarch’s “Game Intel” blog, and the Warson patch notes in Raven Software’s Twitter.


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