Huawei has applied for the Petal Translate trademark, which can replace Google Translate

On February 2, 2020, Huawei applied for the registration of a new trademark Petal Translation in China with the application number 53487717. Its international classification belongs to 42 categories of design research.

The trademark application indicates that Huawei is engaged in the field of content translation. Translation technology involves translating any text, document and more from one language to another, thus making the life of the reader easier. Huawei’s logo seems to be made of petals, which is why the new trademark is called a translation of petals.

The era of using classic text editors (such as Word or Pages) in the translation process has passed. Modern translation companies use a wide range of technologies for translators, project managers and clients.

At present, Google Translate is the most important in the field of text and content translation, and provides translations in more than 100 languages ​​and a series of different functions. What is interesting is what the Chinese tech giant plans to bring with this new trademark.

It is observed that Huawei has registered new smart phone technology trademarks, including launching “Petal” (Petal), petal search, petal map, petal mail, etc. It is speculated that after using the trademark, Huawei is planning and working hard to launch its own services in the field of translation technology and replace the requirements of its smartphones and other devices for applications such as Google Translate.


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