Huawei applies for patents for new reducer and powertrain technologies for electric vehicles

On September 24, 2020, Huawei applied for a new patent for reducers, powertrains and vehicles. The patent was publicly released on January 22, 2021, and its publication number in China is CN112248801A.

The patent describes that the reducer can be applied to electric vehicles, pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, extended-range electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles, new energy vehicles, etc.

The reducer achieves speed without power shock by canceling the setting of the synchronization ring and controlling the rotation angle and speed. Shortening the shift stroke and synchronization time can help save costs and solve adoption issues. The friction of the synchronizing ring realizes the synchronous shift, which causes the problems of long shift time and shock during shift.

Following this new patent, Huawei seems to focus on ICT technology to help automakers use the technology to make new cars. And plans to become a large parts supplier for smart car manufacturers.


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