Huawei obtains patent for new lighting technology for foldable mobile phone

On January 19, Huawei obtained a patent for a method and equipment for folding screen lighting in China, with the publication number CN112241194A, which can adjust the brightness and color of the folding screen and help improve vision and user experience.

The patent describes a method of folding screen lighting to reduce screen brightness problems when the screen is opened in a dark or dim environment. According to this method, as the angle becomes larger, the screen brightness gradually increases, which protects eyesight and improves user experience.

According to this method, not only brightness management can be realized, but also color gradation can be realized. This means that when the user turns on the screen at 10 degrees, the screen display color is red, and as the angle size increases, the screen color gradually changes to orange and yellow.

This patented method is compatible with smartphone screens that fold inward and outward. It requires a magnetic sensor, acceleration sensor, distance sensor and infrared diode proximity sensor to apply this patented method on a smartphone.

On the other hand, Huawei has two foldable smartphones: Huawei Mate X and Mate Xs. In the future, the company will definitely add more smartphones to this list. However, we can only count on Huawei to put this design into production, but there is no conclusion yet.


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