Huawei’s foldable phone – Mate Xs has a new fast file transfer function and many new features

On September 29, Huawei has begun recruiting Huawei Mate Xs foldable smartphones for the second batch of EMUI 11 beta testing. After the recruitment is completed, the company has released the EMUI 11 beta version and the stable EMUI 11 version in China.

On the other hand, the EMUI 11 beta testing process for Huawei equipment outside China is under development. According to the official timetable, global Mate Xs smartphone users will get EMUI 11 in January 2021.

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Now, Huawei has begun to release new features for Mate Xs users. This feature comes with a Flash file transfer system, a starry night theme, dynamic screen effects, fixes application problems and installs the November 2020 security patch.

Check the new version and changelog below:


Huawei Mate Xs smartphone users who upgraded from in China to EMUI 11 version

Update log:

File transfer: The new large file flash transfer function allows users to transfer large files, high-definition videos and images without worrying about the size, distance and image quality will not be compressed.

System: The new bright screen dynamic effect, when the screen is on, the screen gradually lights up, so that the eyes have time to adapt to the light source, making the bright screen experience more comfortable and harmonious.

Theme: Added the artistic theme of “Starry Night Painting”, bright color painting and smooth and continuous motion effect.

Application: Fix the problem that WeChat clone cannot be selected when sharing.

Security: Include the security patch in November 2020 to enhance the security of the mobile phone system.

How to update Huawei Mate XS:

To download this update manually, go to Settings, System and Updates, then open Software Update, and select Check for Updates from here. If an update is available, it will pop up on your phone and display the “download and install” option. Press option and start downloading.

Alternatively, you can also request software updates through the support app. To do this, open the “Support” app, go to the “Services” tab on the bottom bar, click Update, then select “Check for updates”, then download and install.


  1. Currently, this update is being rolled out in China.
  2. This update is rolling out in batches, so it may take some time/days to reach your device.
  3. The update will not delete any data.


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