PUBG keeps in touch with Google for an early launch in India-check the latest updates

PUBG, one of India’s most popular mobile games, will be re-released. According to sources, PUBG will jointly release its Indian version with Google.

Aneesh Aravind is responsible for managing PUBG Mobile India. He is one of the most talented senior talents with 15 years of industry experience. He has worked with technology giants such as Tencent and Zynga.

A technical expert said: “PUBG Corporation is planning to establish contact with Google because they need the correct image and require government approval from customers to successfully come back in India.” He further stated that PUBG Corporation is in contact with Google.

According to company officials, the “Battle Royale” game may not start until March 2021. “PUBG’s efforts are serious, but the situation is not progressing. Unfortunately, but everyone must endure it.” A PUBG Corporation official quoted in a report by InsideSport.

“The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) does not grant permission to launch any website/mobile application/service to PUBG, the PUBG mobile website in India.” The Ministry responded to the RTI submitted by MediaNama.

In addition, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed to PIB that PUBG Mobile India has not yet obtained a license to operate in India again, and the registration of PUBG as an Indian company does not necessarily mean anything.

Starting from September 2020, the use of PUBG and PUBG Mobile lite is prohibited in the Indian market.


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