Huawei’s patented display and rear glass scratch repair method

On June 20, 2019, Huawei applied for a new patent at the China National Intellectual Property Office (CNIPA). This new patent is aimed at “methods and equipment for repairing glass scratches” and was passed and announced on December 22, 2020.

The description of the patent shows the repair method of scratched screen glass. First, prepare the equipment to detect scratches on the screen glass. If a scratch is detected on the main screen, it will be cleaned with alcohol, or if it is cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner on the rear screen.

After cleaning, the preparation machine drops the repair liquid on the scraping board. The repair liquid is 35-45% acrylate, 50-60% epoxy, 2-3% initiator and 2-3% additives mixture. After that, the repair liquid will automatically cover the transparent film and spread the repair liquid evenly on the transparent film with the help of a rubber roller. Finally, irradiate and cure with 320~420nm ultraviolet rays to form a resin repair layer.

In addition, the patent also indicates that the adhesive force of the repair solution on the glass surface should be greater than its adhesive force on the transparent film, so that when the film is peeled off, the resin repair layer will not be damaged.

In today’s situation, most smartphones are equipped with tempered glass, so there is a risk of scratching the glass in daily use. However, third parties use polishing agents to repair the glass, which can damage the glass surface coating.

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