HarmonyOS will be the centralized OS for the upcoming smartphone industry said Huawei software chief

Richard Yu, Huawei Consumer Business CEO, launched HarmonyOS 2.0. Huawei’s own operating system. The company also plans to launch smartphones with HarmonyOS by 2021.

Alongside, Wang Chenglu, President of the software Department (HDC) 2020, Huawei Consumer Business Group (BG) unveils much more about HarmonyOS futures.

He also said smartphones are now an essential device because they’re very powerful processing capability, convenience, and irreplaceable advantages over other devices. Also, pointed out that the smartphone sales of Huawei may decline significantly next year but at present, the sales are still robust and fast-growing.

Geroge Zhao, President of Honor in his statement said, the Magic UI 4.0 will support HarmonyOS and later will be upgraded to Hongmeng OS.

Huawei also launched HarmonyOS 2.0 Beta version will be available on September 10 for developers for platforms including smart TVs, watches, and head units. At the end of the year in December 2020, SDK will be available for smartphones.

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